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Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

How do heat pump systems work?

Heat-pumps are electrical devices which convert energy from the air outside of your home into useful heat. Compared to oil, gas, solid fuel they are much more efficient and can reduce your annual heating costs significantly. By 2030 the government are targeting to have 400,000 installed throughout Ireland. 

What are the different types of heat pump systems available? 

There are different types of heat pump systems such as air, water or the ground. Air source heat pumps are the most common and are typically an outside unit. They are also cheaper and easier to install as they don’t require underground piping unlike the ground source heat pump.

At the moment we focus on the air source heat pump as they are the most common. 

Ensuring your home is heat pump ready 

One of the requirements for a dwelling to qualify for a heat pump system grant is that the dwelling has low heat loss. To ensure your heat pump system performs to its best performance you need to take into consideration the existing fabric of the dwelling. We can advise you of a registered SEAI Technical advisor to carry out a technical assessment to see if the dwelling is suitable for a heat pump. SEAI offer a €200 grant towards the technical assessment.

What are the benefits of a heat pump system? 

  • More comfort
  • Cheaper heating bills
  • Reduces carbon emissions 
  • Long life span (warranty on completion) 

How much does it cost to install and run a heat pump?  

Typically, a heat pump installation can cost between €10,000- €12,000. If existing pipework requires replacing this would be at an additional cost. Heat pumps can reduce your heating bill by up to 50%, plus your making a positive contribution in reducing carbon emissions.

For more info on SEAI  grants available for heat pump systems please click below link or why not a member of our team a call and we would be willing to answer any further questions you may have.

For FREE Consultation or Grant Advice Call 048 6638 6210 or Click here
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